Q & A

Q) What are your opening hours?

A )   We operate from 7 am to 9 pm – 7 days a week.

Q) Is VAT included in the price.

A ) We do not charge VAT.

Q) Is gratuity included in price.

A ) No. It’s up to you to gratuite or not.

Q) How can I book a transfer?

A ) The best way to book is via bookings@firstexecutivetravel.co.uk,  If your trip is less than 24 hours before your travel please phone

+44 (0) 7879 431164.

Q) Why must I book in advance?

A ) It is a legal requirement by law that bookings are made in advance, unless you are using a black cab.

Q) How can I pay for my transfer / trip?

A ) We accept all major credit cards including Amex through World-pay, or by cash.

Q) Do you just cater for business users?

A ) No, our service is open to anyone requiring a suited driver.

Q) What happens when I arrive at the airport?

A ) You will be met with a named board or a company board depending on your requirement after you have cleared customs.

Q) I am just travelling with hand luggage.

A ) Please tell us this at point of booking, as usually you will clear customs faster.

Q) My plane is late or delayed.

A ) If this happens don’t worry as all flights are checked with us prior to pick up.

Q) I have missed my flight.

A ) Please inform us as soon as possible so that you are not charged twice and to rearrange collection.

Q) Do I pay extra for meet and greet.

A ) No. This is included in price.

Q) Are there extras to pay for.

A ) Yes. There is the cost of airport parking, and we charge £20 per hour or part off for waiting over 1 hour.

Q) I have some large luggage items.

A ) Please tell us at point of booking so that correct vehicle can be allocated.

Q) I am travelling with a colleague will I have to pay more.

A ) Only if your pick up is from different terminals or you’re going to different end destinations.

Q) I am flying in from America and would like to shower and relax before pick up.

A ) This is fine. Just give us your flight details and arrival terminal and we will pick you up at a stated time.

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